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Not Your Average Small Business Consultant...


Founded in 1981, Hallows & Company has been providing small business outsourcing including: legal, accounting, tax, and business advisory services for over 40 years. Our goal has always been to be more than just a traditional accountant that does bookwork and taxes. We work with our clients in a capacity we refer to as a “strategic partner”. Because of this philosophy, there is a noticeable difference between us and other small business consultants.

We have purposely built our advising services strictly focused on the client experience. Most new clients that walk through our door are doing so because they simply want a better business experience. We provide that experience.

Whether you need full small business consulting services, a business legal advisor, tax preparation services, or or a fully outsourced CFO we got you covered! Contact us today to see how we can help you!

Aaron Owens

Aaron W. Owens is a founding partner in Hendricks & Owens, PLLC. He is passionate about assisting businesses in getting the most out of what they have. Aaron enjoys helping businesses in all different stages from start-ups to multimillion-dollar companies. His focus is on general corporate/business law, estate planning and business planning. His goals in life are to make any size company feel like they have in-house counsel and help everyone realize that estate planning is not just for "old people".

Adam Roundy
CPA – Accountant

Like few people, Adam knew his calling early in life. From his junior year in high school he knew he wanted to work in the accounting field. He received his bachelors and masters degree in accounting from Southern Utah University. During school he worked for a firm locally in Cedar City. He then went on to earn his CPA license and for 5 years worked in the tax department of a well known regional firm. In his spare time he enjoys puzzles and helping out on his father-in-laws cattle ranch; moving water, feeding cows, and mowing and stacking hay.

Personal Motto: “When you take care of things (friends, possessions, etc.) you don’t have to replace them.”


Secondary Motto: “In life, look up, because there are a lot of things you can hit your head on.”

Aimee Wignall
Payroll Specialist

Aimee currently is working as our Ephraim office and handles most of your money through payroll as her primary responsibility. So if there is one person you want keep happy it’s her. She has spent over seven years in customer service and AR/AP. She has worked in the global mining industry, cement industry and for the state of Utah. Her primary loves in life are: her husband, daughter and son. Coming in at a close second though would be: their cows, dogs, the farm, the RZR and dirt bikes, summer, Lake Powell and ICE CREAM!


Personal Motto: Love your life, you only get one.


Secondary Motto: “Whenever I’m about to do something, I think, would an idiot do that? And if they would, I do not do that thing.”

Amanda Brady

Amanda holds a Bachelors Degree in International Business and French from Utah State University. She has a deep passion for all things French, but quickly decided after having children that her dreams of working abroad weren’t the most practical for raising children close to family. Amanda now works from home, but travels as often as she can. Prior to her employment at Hallows, Amanda spent 5+ years working as an Accountant for Ride Systems/Ford Smart Mobility. She also spent time working as an Internal Auditor for County Government. She has a detailed understanding of several finance and accounting platforms. Amanda is currently a full time mother to 4 beautiful girls. Amanda serves on her local Student Community Council, championing dual immersion programs and serves on the board for the Figure Skating Club of Park City. Amanda still takes sports to another competitive level having played both basketball and tennis in college. She can ball with the best of them.

Personal Motto: “I would rather own little and see the world, then own the world and see little of it.”

Secondary Motto: “If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.”

Amber Smith
Accounting Specialist

Amber Smith is our customer service extraordinaire! She spent 8 years helping people meet their needs, listening to customer concerns and solving important, highly time sensitive issues. She has worked in the business industry in accounts receivable and payable for 2 years. Her aspirations have changed somewhat from when she was 3 and wanted to be a dump truck driver. She is pursuing higher education in the business field with an emphasis in agriculture, but still hopes to drive that dump truck someday. Her favorite season of the year is hay season, she could live off chips, salsa and cookie dough. Her 3 passions besides anything outdoors: Star Wars, Seinfeld and the Utes.


Motto: “You get out, what you put in”


Secondary Motto: “Boy, these pretzels are makin’ me thirsty”

Brittaney Ellibee

Shhh what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Brittaney was a resident of Las Vegas, NV for over 25 years and got to experience some of the "old" Las Vegas, NV. It truly was an amazing place, and had outstanding learning opportunities with the “city life” Brittaney has relocated to Colorado to experience a different kind of beauty and lifestyle.

She decided to stray from the family medical profession, since she was always the odd ball of the group. Brittaney just wanted a job and walked into a local tax office. The hiring manager said if you can tell me what the standard deduction is for Head of Household I will give you a job. She handed Brittaney a book and the rest is history. She went on to obtain college degrees in accounting, so she can have a better understanding of both sides of the accounting/tax world. That is when the real journey started, she strives to help clients on their business dreams, to where they can focus on the field they picked instead of being worried about the back end. Brittaney has a gift of gab, and loves to talk.

When Brittaney is not at work, she is spending time with her family. They are always up for new adventures, making memories, and meeting new people. They love making waves, getting stuck on ski lifts, getting lost while camping, and just exploring new opportunities.

Motto: Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. -Benjamin Franklin

Secondary Motto: Sometimes, you’re the windshield; sometimes, you’re the bug.

Elizabeth Desmond

Bio coming soon

Emily Hatch

Bio coming soon

Haley Jones

Bio coming soon

Ivory Wade
Reception/Accounting Assistant

Ivory was born and raised in Rock Springs, Wyoming. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Colorado Technical University in 2020. She has two awesome kids and a wonderful husband she enjoys spending time with. In-between rushing the kids to sports; her family enjoys hiking, camping, playing hockey, CrossFit, and soaking up a little downtime.

Personal Motto: “Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.” – Roy T. Bennett

Secondary Motto: “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” -Dr. Seuss

Janet Hatch
Accounting Specialist
28 Years of Service

Janet has had an affinity for numbers her entire life, starting by graduating with an accounting degree. She found herself learning a variety of industries: real estate, insurance and accounting.  She fulfilled her lifelong dream of being a stay at home mom for 10 years while her three kids were young. Janet has been with Hallows & Company since 1994, keeping Ted in line all those years wasn’t easy. Janet is our “jack of all trades”, from new hire reports to payroll to completing tax returns at 2 am!  Even though she competed in multiple beauty pageants and was even crowned Miss Sevier County, she is one of the smartest people you will meet. When she isn’t keeping us all in line she is probably riding her razor, buried in book or relaxing after a hard day enjoying one of her favorite shows.

Personal Motto: “Be kind to and accept everyone for who they are”

Secondary motto: “Don’t touch my chocolate & give me a diet coke”

Jay Bae

Jay is from South Korea. He looked for another opportunity in his life in the States.  He and his wife have four kids. Jay graduated with a Bachelors Degree from the Brigham young University – Idaho. Upon graduating he began working for a local CPA firm in Rock Springs, Wyoming. He holds a CPA license in Wyoming. He works with clients for their needs of business setup, tax return, financials, and many more.  He likes camping, hiking, and hunting.

Personal Motto: Every little thing has its meaning. Wait till you understand.

Secondary Motto: Life is beautiful.

Jennifer Bradley
Accounting Specialist

Jennifer has been a bookkeeper and payroll specialist for over 16 years. She enjoys working with clients to help their businesses be successful.  She is responsible for monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting to both the state and Federal governments. She was born and raised in Price, Utah; then moved to Wyoming in 2007.   She is married with 3 girls and 3 dogs. She enjoys mountain biking, camping, and being around family and friends.


Personal Motto: Negative thoughts will never give you a positive life.


Secondary Motto: Life is short and so am I.

Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer is a Wyoming native, raised in the beautiful west hills of Star Valley.  She relocated to Utah for her college years and graduated from the University of Utah with degrees in Finance and Information Systems.  Jennifer earned a third bachelor’s degree in Accounting while residing in Colorado.

Jennifer received her MBA from Southern Utah University in 2009 and became a licensed CPA in 2011. She has worked in the tax and accounting industry since 2008, and has been with Paul Edman, CPA since 2015.

Jennifer married a fellow Star Valley native and they are busy raising 4 amazing children.  In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. She loves music and fitness and uses both to help maintain her sanity.

Julie Anderson

Julie has 27 plus years of experience in accounting. She have worked for the construction, newspaper, tax, campground and most recently manufacturing industries. In her business class in high school, her favorite part was the section on accounting. In fact she liked it so much she went on to graduate with an accounting degree from Ricks College aka Brigham Young University-Idaho. She worked while her husband finished his degree and then was lucky enough to be a stay at home mom for 10 years until she moved away from Arizona. She has extensive experience in bookkeeping, payroll, reconciling and managerial accounting. She has experience preparing monthly journal entries, monthly sales tax, quarterly and year-end reports, as well as month end and year end financial statements. Julie is a Idaho girl but been away from the cold and snow for a long time. Julie is happily married to my sweetheart I met at Ricks College and have 4 children, one boy and three girls and currently have 8 grandchildren. Height runs in the family, the shortest is 5'8 and the tallest is 6'10".

Personal Motto: "Be flexible and don't sweat the small stuff, it's not important anyway"

Secondary Motto: "Be kind"

Leigh Cannon

Bio coming soon

Kade Hallows

While growing up Kade was the shy one of the five boys. If you have met him you know how times have changed—just ask him about his stand-up comedy routine of “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey”. He has always been good with business, numbers and people which is a rare breed of personality. He figured some kind of “numbers” business would be a good fit for him. After finishing his accounting degree at BYU, he moved to Missouri and ran his own resort business for three years.  He then earned his master’s degree in accounting and went to work with one of Utah’s largest regional accounting firms and received his CPA license. After realizing this fulfilled his numbers need but not his people need, he returned to his roots in central Utah and began working with his dad, Ted, at Hallows & Company.  Kade’s first passion is his four boys and his wife. He absolutely loves doing anything outdoors or that involves adventure.  Kades passion to help other businesses succeed is second only to his need to be clean and thrifty. ie – He drove a 1992 Volkswagon Jetta (That appeared to have just come off the lot) and went one month with the gas light on before filling up.  Kade’s most recent accomplishment was receiving his securities license so he can continue with our financial services for decades more.


Personal Motto: “Never Stop Improving”


Secondary Motto: “When in doubt, check the left couch cushion, it’s usually there.”

Katelyn Binkley

Katelyn hails from the overly exciting state of Indiana – a one stoplight town to be exact. The small town atmosphere is great. You know, the kind where everyone knows everything about everyone. Katelyn first studied Accounting in high school and it lured her in. She’s been crunching numbers ever since. Her SHARP calculator is her greatest love, next to her husband, who lovingly refers to her as a numbers nerd. In her free time, she enjoys porch sitting and coffee sipping. Just kidding. She doesn’t drink coffee.

Motto: Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. -Benjamin Franklin

Secondary Motto: “When nothing goes right, go left.”

Kim Lee

Bio Coming Soon

Kristi Sharp

From the very first accounting class she took in high school, Kristi knew she wanted to study accounting. She received her Bachelors and Masters of Accounting degrees from Utah State University. Prior to starting at Hallows & Company, she worked in industry accounting for a few years as well as at a local CPA firm for the last ten years. She loves participating in many outdoor activities with her husband and four kids. She also enjoys reading a good book and playing the piano. No matter where Kristi has lived, she has always managed to grow very healthy weeds.

Motto: You will never regret being kind.

Secondary Motto: Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

Kristin Wilberg

Kristin grew up in Utah and still lives in Utah. She's new to the workforce after nearly 19 years being a stay at home Mom to her 4 children. She attended Snow College where she met her husband. She has an associate of science and certificate in business administration. She's an amateur at many things including floral design, gardening, rock climbing, photography and hiking. She loves volunteering as PTA treasurer and secretary, reading, going for walks and watching hallmark movies.

Always find a reason to laugh.
Enjoy the Little Things.

Kristina Reisner
Executive Assistant

Kristina Reisner grew up on the glorious shores of Manhattan Beach, California, but now lives in St. George's roasting, red sands with her husband. She comes to Hallows & Co. after many years in the aviation industry, so next time your flight is canceled, you're invited to shout "You should have just given Kristina a raise!!!" at the gate agent.

Kristina is an Executive Assistant, aiming to be promoted soon to Assistant Executive. She enjoys traveling, visiting her grandkids, and seeking sun and surf wherever she may be.

Motto: Trust in your path.

Secondary Motto: Will assist executives for tacos.

Ladd Hallows
Business Development

Ladd is a man with many talents. In first grade he won the water colors contest with his drawing of a purple brontosaurs. His third grade teacher told his mom he was a bit too social in class, if only there was a career he could be in that would reward him for talking to people.  Hence, Ladd worked in sales marketing and management for six years during and after college. He received his degree in business management/marketing from Southern Utah University.  He is known around the office as the “fun-guy”, pronounced the same as fungi but smells a whole lot better!  Ladd lives in Ephraim Utah with his wife and six kids, has wicked good ping pong skills and still loves easy cheese!  Ladd makes sure every client who interacts with Hallows & Company feels like you did in 1st grade when your mom showed up to school unannounced and took you out of class just to go to lunch.  His sole responsibility is to help businesses improve their operation and make sure our clients have a great experience.  No firm has a position dedicated to client experience, except us of course.

Personal Motto: “Look at everybody else, and do it different”

Secondary Motto: “Big Gulps hu, well, see ya later”

Lindsay Hadley

Bio Coming Soon

Lindsay Haleck

Lindsay was born and raised in Southern Utah. She is married to the Polynesian Prince of her dreams and together they have 4 kids. Lindsay has been working in the banking and accounting fields for the last 16 years. (Wait, that can’t be right, she’s still only 25…….) She is outdoorsy in that she likes to eat on the patio at the restaurant, if it’s a comfortable temperature. She enjoys family movie nights, reading, spending time with her kids, spending time without her kids and shopping at Target. A day can’t be considered a good one if it doesn’t end with a Mormon Night Cap: a cup of ice cream.

Motto: Do it right the first time.

Secondary Motto: Some people say that there ain’t no hope, but there’s a tire swing baby, at the end of your rope.

Anthony White
Business Development

Anthony grew up in the booming metropolis of Beaver, UT, which now has just over 3,000 people.  Growing up with six siblings in a small town was great for Anthony because he likes being involved in many activities and loves interacting with people.  In fact, his nickname in high school was “That guy that likes to be involved in activities and interacts with people.”  After college, he was hired as a senior manager in the hospitality industry and worked in St. George, UT for over 12 years.  His love for providing excellent service and an unforgettable guest experience won him many awards for the property, but he will tell you it was an amazing staff that deserves the credit.   He also earned his MBA in marketing and worked on his accounting degree and thought he might even try being an accountant.  However, after meeting Ladd Hallows (aka “The Fun Guy”) he thought working for the Hallows as a business developer would be more appealing than sitting in an office, tarnishing his well-earned high school nickname.  Anthony and his wife have five kids and call St. George, UT home.  He loves spending time with his family, watching and coaching football, spending time outdoors, and date nights with his wife.  His passion is to provide his clients with exceptional service and help them reach greater levels of success.

Motto:  “Average is the Enemy of Excellence”

Secondary Motto:  “Whatever you are thinking is just a thought”

Marissa Carter

Marissa has built a career serving the construction and elder-care communities. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in the state of Utah and a member of the American Institute of CPAs and the Utah Association of CPAs. Marissa received a Master of Business Administration degree from Hardin-Simmons University and a Bachelors of Accounting degree from Southern Utah University.

McKenna Ewell

McKenna is new to our company. You probably know her from her soft spoken voice if you have ever called us. She is from Payson Utah, and recently moved to the Salina area with her husband. She loves numbers and finance. She spent the last four years in the banking industry. She worked as a teller, loan processor, and a loan officer. She was ready for a change and to learn the accounting side of finance. She is currently going to school and working on finishing her bachelor's degree. In McKenna’s spare time loves spending time with her husband. She loves to ride horses, ride four-wheelers, but her absolute favorite is spending her summer days at Bear Lake wake-surfing and wakeboarding.

Motto: “Joy doesn’t come from our circumstances but from the focus of our lives”

Second Motto: “Have courage and be kind”

Nanette Madsen
Bookkeeping Specialist

Nanette is a classic perfectionist that doesn’t know it! She was always the kid in school that turned in assignments before they were due. She has worked in the accounting field in multiple industries; construction, private education and retail. If there is a QuickBooks issue that’s needs to be delved into, she is your “DELVER”. She loves being active and outdoors. Loves to run, read, garden and would like to invent disposable clothing so she doesn’t have to do laundry for her 4 kids!


Motto: “Work now, procrastinate later”


Secondary Motto: “Yes I really am this short”

Pam Trekell
Administrative Assistant

Pam is an administrative assistant/bookkeeper with many years of customer service experience.  Pam was born in Oklahoma and raised in Rock Springs, Wyoming since the 1960’s. Pam knows everyone in her community which makes her a valuable asset with clients.  Pam has always been good with numbers and has worked with them all her life. Pam worked 10 years for Questar in AR/AP and in the field doing cost accounting.  Pam also worked 10 years for United States Postal Service and 8 years as a bookkeeper for Rocky Mountain Bank’s three branches in Wyoming.  Pam enjoys staying busy, traveling and spending time with her 25 year old daughter.


Personal Motto: Enjoying your work gives you an enjoyable life!


Secondary Motto: A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear!

Pete Mancuso

Pete’s home wifi network is named “notanerdycpa”. This encapsulates who he is, a knowledgeable professional who has somehow maintained some personality. As someone who took a circuitous route to accounting (starting as technical theatre major, switching to education, and finally ending up in accounting) and has a breadth of experience once finding his passion, Pete is a well-rounded individual.

Pete originates from Western NY and was sucked into Utah by his amazing wife. However, his athletic allegiances have stayed in NY as an avid Buffalo Bills fan. They, along with their 4 kids, relocated to Sanpete County, and never looked back, fully embracing small town living. Hobbies include projects around the house, sports (playing and watching), and cooking/eating all types of cuisines. Specialties are Italian food (as he’s half Italian himself) and starting to figure out the smoker!

After graduating college, his career began in Big 4 public accounting, serving clients of all sizes big and small, public and private. From there, Pete has worked for a few different companies in accounting, finance, and operations, helping to bring unique insights to executives and build successful teams. He comes to Hallows ready to use that experience to benefit our clients, focusing on building tailored practices/processes to help them understand what all the numbers mean. Pete is excited to help underserved business owners and leaders run and grow their business, with the quality tools of a big company.

Motto: “I believe we are here on planet earth to live, grow, and do what we can to make this world a better place” -Rosa Parks

Secondary Motto: “I don’t get them dents buffed, pulled, filled or painted by nobody. They’re way too valuable. I come by each one of ’em with my best friend. I don’t fix these. I wanna remember these dents forever.” – Mater

Purvi Kamalia

Purvi was born in India and moved to the USA in 2010. She has completed her CPA exams and is working towards getting licensed. She holds an MBA in Finance and a Chartered Accountant certification from India. She loves the field of accounting and taxation and is happy to be back to work after a brief hiatus as a stay-at-home mom.

Purvi lives with her husband and daughter in Austin, Texas. She loves spending time with her family, listening to music, reading books and biking around the gorgeous lake in Austin.

Personal Motto: Do your best and leave the rest!!

Secondary Motto: "It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities" - Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter.

Rebecca Irwin

Rebecca never really thought of herself as a “numbers” person. She actually received her bachelor’s degree in psychology. She realized she’s really good at listening to people’s problems however, people aren’t always good at taking advise. For years, she managed the day-to-day operations of small businesses. After being highly successful working in accounts receivables and payables, payroll and a number of other small business duties, she quickly discovered her knack for numbers! Rebecca is dedicated to client satisfaction and success.

Rebecca was born and raised in the panhandle of Florida, where she resides with her husband and 2 sons. When not crunching numbers, Rebecca and her family enjoy going to the beach or taking the boat to Shell Island. She also loves worshiping and serving at church.

Motto: Don’t worry, choose happiness, you’ll live longer.

Secondary Motto: It’s another day in paradise!

Rick Jensen
Accounting specialist

Don’t let his calm demeanor fool you, Rick is one of our sharpest accountants. He lives in sunny St George with his wife and son. Some of his greatest achievements include go-cart champion, basketball rec league champion and father. He has Master’s Degree in Accounting and has 6 years of experience working in private and public accounting and is working on finalizing his CPA license. He finds tremendous satisfaction serving our clients in southern Utah and throughout the country. In addition to the excellent work he does, he also enjoys getting away from the fast pace of city life. His hobbies include but are not limited to making popcorn, people watching, and nothing. But what he enjoys the most is spending time with his family.

“If I’m not back in five minutes, just wait longer.”

—Ace Ventura

A more serious moto

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” – Michael Jordan

Sara Potter

Sara Potter grew up in Oxford, Ohio and received her bachelor’s degree in Finance from Miami University. Prior to her employment at Hallows, she spent the past eight years as a tax accountant. She now lives in West Chester, Ohio with her husband, two kids, and two amazing goldendoodles. She is a Words with Friends master, loves to read, travel, play tennis, and swim.

Personal Motto: “Open communication is the key to any successful relationship.”

Secondary Motto: “Life is too short for self-hatred and celery sticks.”

Schaefer Paulson

Bio coming soon

Sherie Landt

Bio coming soon

Stephanie LaPointe

Bio coming soon

Ted Hallows
Founder – Certified Financial Planner

Ted founded Hallows & Company in 1981, and for decades now has been working with small businesses, agriculture and individuals to improve their financial positions.  After realizing there was such a need for a professional full service firm in Central Utah, he went on to become an enrolled agent, CFP-Certified Financial Planner.  Ted loves his job but equates the stress of tax season to the loss of his hair (Kade has followed in his footsteps here as well).  Ted has five sons who are all grown and none of which can challenge him when it comes to the racquetball court. He loves to garden, play with his grand kids, fish, and sometimes struggles to stay awake in church.  Ted has always been a pillar of character to look up to, serving in a variety of church and civic positions within the community.  Ted has embraced the emergence of technology and the ability it has to benefit his business and his clients.

Personal Motto: “Do it right, and you will only do it once.”

Secondary Motto: “Throw it away, you will never use it again.”

Trini Chan
Accounting & Tax Specialist

Trini is originally from Nebraska but moved to Rock Springs when she was in high school. She received her Bachelors and Masters of Accountancy degrees from University of Wyoming. Trini has worked as a staff accountant for over a year and has also volunteered preparing tax returns when she was in college. She is currently trying to get her CPA license. In her free time, Trini likes baking and the occasional camping trip if there aren’t any bears around. She also enjoys hanging out with her two cats.


Personal Motto: The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried


Secondary Motto: If you can convince them, confuse them.

Wendy Gamette
CPA – Accountant

Wendy worked for a couple regional firms in Boise for 2 ½ years before relocating to Provo where I worked for a Utah county firm for 10 years. She received a Masters Degree from BYU in 2003. She enjoys hiking, playing games, sports, reading, pretty much everything. She has five kids that keep her super busy and does her best smash some “me” time in between all of their activities when she can. If you are so lucky as to work with Wendy make sure to make her laugh. If you’re having a bad day, you won’t be able to any more after hearing her.


Personal Motto: Don’t count the days. Make the days count.


Secondary Motto: Free time? What’s that?

Since 1981

No greener pastures

Numbers may be implied by our name, but people are our game! We love helping a business transform into what the owner envisioned. Which is probably why we have a 94% client retention. The best part of our job is buidling friendships with our clients. I promise we are alot less nerdy than you think!

Technology Connects Us

Location doesn’t matter. We are here, you are anywhere.


When it comes to tax and accounting, our goal is to save our clients much more than our overall fee. We don’t charge for client phone calls and consultations. That way our clients don’t have to worry about what it will cost to call us during the year with questions. We review financial statements with our clients each quarter and conduct mid-year and fourth-quarter tax planning to help minimize, reduce, or eliminate taxes. This and our other services are all part of being a strategic business partner with our clients instead of just their accountant.


modern day accounting

Even though Hallows & Company was founded in 1981, we aren’t stuck in the 80’s.  We use the best technology available for the benefit of our clients and to make communicating for them a convenience instead of a nuisance.


easy file access

We utilize myHALLpass that allows our clients to always have access to information such as prior year tax returns and financial statements through any desktop or mobile device.


client connection

Our approach to being a strategic business partner has brought us to the point we are now working with people and businesses from New York to California.


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tax reporting

An accountant does your taxes…

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Client Support

An accountant gives you paper…

  • 0%


An accountant gives you the time you paid for…

  • 0%


An accountant doesn’t help you plan for and set up your retirement…

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tax reporting

We work with you to understand your situation and reduce your taxes.

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Client Support

We give you advice.

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We give you the time you need.

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We understand our clients financial situation and have spent 30 years building retirement plans.