How We Are Different

Founded in 1981, and still the only full service accounting firm in Central Utah, Hallows & Company has been providing accounting, tax, and business advisory services for over 30 years. Our goal has always been to be more than just a traditional accountant that does bookwork and taxes. We work with our clients in a capacity we refer to as a “strategic partner”. Because of this philosophy, there is a noticeable difference between us and the rest.


We have worked with large accounting firms and individuals working from their home, and know where both fall short. As for the huge accounting firm, you’re not important enough to just stop in or call with a question unless you’re one of their premier clients. As for the tax mills like H&R Block or Liberty Tax Service, you’re number 2,163,479 of 22,000,000.  The individual you meet with that had a couple weeks of training doesn’t understand your situation, all they can do is ask the question that shows up on their computer screen. As for the part-time individual preparing a few tax returns on the side, it’s not possible to stay current with tax law working part-time.  Part-time means partially reduced taxes, partially done right, and partially on time. And if you need help with anything, they usually can’t find the time to get around to it.

Ted Hallows
Founder – Certified Financial Planner

Ted founded Hallows & Company in 1981, and for decades now has been working with small businesses, agriculture and individuals to improve their financial positions.  After realizing there was such a need for a professional full service firm in Central Utah, he went on to become an enrolled agent, CFP-Certified Financial Planner.  Ted loves his job but equates the stress of tax season to the loss of his hair (Kade has followed in his footsteps here as well).  Ted has five sons who are all grown and none of which can challenge him when it comes to the racquetball court. He loves to garden, play with his grand kids, fish, and sometimes struggles to stay awake in church.  Ted has always been a pillar of character to look up to, serving in a variety of church and civic positions within the community.  Ted has embraced the emergence of technology and the ability it has to benefit his business and his clients.


Personal Motto: “Do it right, and you will only do it once.”


Secondary Motto: “Throw it away, you will never use it again.”

Kade Hallows

While growing up Kade was the shy one of the five boys. If you have met him you know how times have changed—just ask him about his stand-up comedy routine of “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey”. He has always been good with business, numbers and people which is a rare breed of personality. He figured some kind of “numbers” business would be a good fit for him. After finishing his accounting degree at BYU, he moved to Missouri and ran his own resort business for three years.  He then earned his master’s degree in accounting and went to work with one of Utah’s largest regional accounting firms and received his CPA license. After realizing this fulfilled his numbers need but not his people need, he returned to his roots in central Utah and began working with his dad, Ted, at Hallows & Company.  Kade’s first passion is his four boys and his wife. He absolutely loves doing anything outdoors or that involves adventure.  Kades passion to help other businesses succeed is second only to his need to be clean and thrifty. ie – He drove a 1992 Volkswagon Jetta (That appeared to have just come off the lot) and went one month with the gas light on before filling up.  Kade’s most recent accomplishment was receiving his securities license so he can continue with our financial services for decades more.


Personal Motto: “Never Stop Improving”


Secondary Motto: “When in doubt, check the left couch cushion, it’s usually there.”

Ladd Hallows
Business Development

Ladd is a man with many talents. In first grade he won the water colors contest with his drawing of a purple brontosaurs. His third grade teacher told his mom he was a bit too social in class, if only there was a career he could be in that would reward him for talking to people.  Hence, Ladd worked in sales marketing and management for six years during and after college. He received his degree in business management/marketing from Southern Utah University.  He is known around the office as the “fun-guy”, pronounced the same as fungi but smells a whole lot better!  Ladd lives in Ephraim Utah with his wife and three kids, has wicked good ping pong skills and still loves easy cheese!  Ladd makes sure every client who interacts with Hallows & Company feels like you did in 1st grade when your mom showed up to school unannounced and took you out of class just to go to lunch.  His sole responsibility is to help businesses improve their operation and make sure our clients have a great experience.  No firm has a position dedicated to client experience, except us of course.


Personal Motto: “Look at everybody else, and do it different”


Secondary Motto: “Big Gulps hu, well, see ya later”

Janet Hatch
Accounting Specialist

Janet has had an affinity for numbers her entire life, starting by graduating with an accounting degree. She found herself learning a variety of industries: real estate, insurance and accounting.  She fulfilled her lifelong dream of being a stay at home mom for 10 years while her three kids were young. Janet has been with Hallows & Company since 1994, keeping Ted in line all those years wasn’t easy. Janet is our “jack of all trades”, from new hire reports to payroll to completing tax returns at 2 am!  Even though she competed in multiple beauty pageants and was even crowned Miss Sevier County, she is one of the smartest people you will meet. When she isn’t keeping us all in line she is probably riding her razor, buried in book or relaxing after a hard day enjoying one of her favorite shows.


Personal Motto: “Be kind to and accept everyone for who they are”


Secondary motto: “Don’t touch my chocolate & give me a diet coke”

Adam Roundy
CPA – Accountant

Like few people, Adam knew his calling early in life. From his junior year in high school he knew he wanted to work in the accounting field. He received his bachelors and masters degree in accounting from Southern Utah University. During school he worked for a firm locally in Cedar City. He then went on to earn his CPA license and for 5 years worked in the tax department of a well known regional firm. Adam is our newest team member and definitely the hairiest. In his spare time he enjoys puzzles and helping out on his father-in-laws cattle ranch; moving water, feeding cows, and mowing and stacking hay.

Personal Motto: “When you take care of things (friends, possessions, etc.) you don’t have to replace them.”


Secondary Motto: “In life, look up, because there are a lot of things you can hit your head on.”

Amber Smith
Accounting Specialist

Amber Smith is our customer service extraordinaire! She spent 8 years helping people meet their needs, listening to customer concerns and solving important, highly time sensitive issues. She has worked in the business industry in accounts receivable and payable for 2 years. Her aspirations have changed somewhat from when she was 3 and wanted to be a dump truck driver. She is pursuing higher education in the business field with an emphasis in agriculture, but still hopes to drive that dump truck someday. Her favorite season of the year is hay season, she could live off chips, salsa and cookie dough. Her 3 passions besides anything outdoors: Star Wars, Seinfeld and the Utes.


Motto: “You get out, what you put in”


Secondary Motto: “Boy, these pretzels are makin’ me thirsty”

Jennifer Overton
CPA – Accountant

Jennifer was born and raised in Utah County. She loves living in Utah, especially because her family and the mountains are never too far away. She and her husband have two energetic little boys. Jennifer graduated with a Bachelors and Masters Degree from the University of Utah. While finishing school she began working for a large regional CPA firm. After graduating she continued working for the same firm, specializing in taxes and advisory services. She also received her CPA license. She now works remotely from her home office, but will also be spending some time in the Ephraim office. With two young boys, she thinks it is the best of both worlds. Above all, she loves spending time with her family. They enjoy traveling, road biking, camping, and just being in the outdoors. She also enjoys a good book and a delicious meal.


Personal motto: Time is precious. Waste it wisely.


Secondary motto: Dance like no one is watching…because they’re not. They’re checking their phones.

Nanette Madsen
Bookkeeping Specialist

Nanette is a classic perfectionist that doesn’t know it! She was always the kid in school that turned in assignments before they were due. She has worked in the accounting field in multiple industries; construction, private education and retail. If there is a QuickBooks issue that’s needs to be delved into, she is your “DELVER”. She loves being active and outdoors. Loves to run, read, garden and would like to invent disposable clothing so she doesn’t have to do laundry for her 4 kids!


Motto: “Work now, procrastinate later”


Secondary Motto: “Yes I really am this short”

Heather Clouse
CPA – Accountant

Heather was born and raised in Northern California. She moved to Utah for college, where she received her Bachelors and Masters of Accountancy degrees from Brigham Young University. After graduation, she decided to stay in Utah for the mountains, four seasons, and non-exorbitant housing prices. She earned her CPA license and worked in the tax department of a large regional CPA firm for 8 years. She enjoys spending time with her family, running, and most outdoor activities that don’t require coordination.


Personal motto: A goal without a plan is just a wish. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Secondary motto: A Diet Dr. Pepper a day keeps the grumpy away.

Scott Rogers
CPA – Accountant

Scott grew up in southern California and grew tired of the sunshine, cool ocean breeze and beach lifestyle. Desiring a life of adventure and high stakes he moved to Utah and entered the accounting field. He received a MAcc from BYU and worked for a regional firm for 5 ½ years and went on to get his CPA license. Accruing knowledge in corporate tax, partnership returns and R&D credits. He is the father of 4 busy boys. Even though he placed in the top 80 of over 3000 contestants for a national anthem singing contest, his true claim to fame is that his wife makes the world’s best sugar cookie. None of that Sodalicious garbage for the Rogers family!


Personal Motto: Anyone who has never made a mistake, never tried anything new.


Secondary Motto: You could end up living in a van down by the river!!

Kortina Hanson
Custom Service

KC has quite literally danced her way through life, performing with the respected production company Ballet West. She has however spent the last 8 years in the customer service field making sure everyone gets taken care of. Ensuring that your experience with Hallows & Co. is equivalent to having someone in the office bring ice cream… on Wednesday! She loves hiking, the outdoors, dancing, traveling and spending time with family.


Personal Motto: Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about leaning to dance in the rain.


Secondary Motto: When choosing between a nap and……Always choose the nap!!

Alyson Strait
Accounting Specialist

Alyson was born and raised on a sheep ranch in Fountain Green, Utah. She wasn’t grateful then, but she is now for the experiences she had growing up on a farm. She has always had a love for adventure and wanted to be “Indiana Jones” until when in the 3rd grade she realized that “adventurer” was something that you just couldn’t get a college degree in. She settled for the next most adventurous field…accounting!! She then worked for a CPA firm in Las Vegas, Nevada where she worked on tax returns, casino audits, and financial advisement. Her greatest adventure has been being a stay-at-home Mom, raising 5 kids while also running her own business doing corporate and individual tax returns from a home office. Now that the kids are older she is back in the work force with Hallows & Co. Alyson and her family spend a lot of time traveling, hiking, skiing, camping, and playing any and all sports. If she ever does have any down time, she spends it playing the piano or sitting out on my porch swing with a good book and a Dr. Pepper. Those moments are far and few between. 😉


Personal Motto: Follow the Shepherd, not the sheep……..


Secondary Motto: Some days you eat salads and go to the gym, some days you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants. It’s called life balance.

Aimee Wignall
Payroll Specialist

Aimee currently is working as our Ephraim office and handles most of your money through payroll as her primary responsibility. So if there is one person you want keep happy it’s her. She has spent over seven years in customer service and AR/AP. She has worked in the global mining industry, cement industry and for the state of Utah. Her primary loves in life are: her husband, daughter and son. Coming in at a close second though would be: their cows, dogs, the farm, the RZR and dirt bikes, summer, Lake Powell and ICE CREAM!


Personal Motto: Love your life, you only get one.


Secondary Motto: “Whenever I’m about to do something, I think, would an idiot do that? And if they would, I do not do that thing.”

Troy Jolley
CPA – Accountant

Troy is one of our lead CPA’s on our team. He is amazing when it comes to exceeding customer expectations. After graduating from SUU he made a short stint with the Utah State Tax Commision and quickly decided he wanted to be on the other side. He then spent five years working at a large regional firm after which he joined the team at Hallows & Co. Troy spends his winters snowboarding; his autumn watching BYU football (or what’s left of it); his spring crushing tax returns to save people money; and his summers recovering from his crushing while riding the RZR. Between his wife’s family and his own, they have 26 kids, so naturally Troy and his wife have three, which keep them plenty busy.


Personal Motto: The way to get started is to quite talking and begin doing.


Secondary Motto: Bears, Beets, Battle Star Galactica

Wendy Gamette
CPA – Accountant

Wendy worked for a couple regional firms in Boise for 2 ½ years before relocating to Provo where I worked for a Utah county firm for 10 years. She received a Masters Degree from BYU in 2003. She enjoys hiking, playing games, sports, reading, pretty much everything. She has five kids that keep her super busy and does her best smash some “me” time in between all of their activities when she can. If you are so lucky as to work with Wendy make sure to make her laugh. If you’re having a bad day, you won’t be able to any more after hearing her.


Personal Motto: Don’t count the days. Make the days count.


Secondary Motto: Free time? What’s that?

JaRelle Bailey

JaRelle received her Bachelor’s degree from BYU-Idaho where her claim to fame was receiving an award for outstanding accounting student. She received her Master’s degree from Southern Utah University and has done business accounting for over nine years. JaRelle is one of those odd accountants that enjoys job-costing and managerial processes. She has worked in a variety of industries such as restaurants, service companies, e-markets, resorts, etc. She knows QuickBooks better than the back of her hand. In her spare time she enjoys exploring the outdoors with her family in every way possible. She loves board games or playing cards, and as long as she has some chocolate and a Diet Coke she’s good for days.


Personal Motto: There are no secrets to success


Secondary Motto: Strength is the capacity to break a Hershey bar into four pieces and eat just one.

Erin Buchanan
Customer Service

Erin our front desk connoisseur, has over 10 years of experience in customer service. Erin brings strong administrative skills to our ever growing company, as well as top-level support for all of our clients. As a mother of 3 boys (husband included) she is able to tackle any task that comes her way! When it comes to time spent away from work, Erin can be found exploring the great outdoors with her boys. Rock climbing is where she loves to challenge herself. There is no rock she can’t climb, but there are plenty she can’t get down from!


Personal Motto: My hair color will explain everything!


Secondary Motto: The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Technology Connects Us

Location doesn’t matter. We are here, you are anywhere.

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Reasons You Need Hallows & Company

When it comes to tax and accounting, our goal is to save our clients much more than our overall fee. We don’t charge for client phone calls and consultations.  That way our clients don’t have to worry about what it will cost to call us during the year with questions. We review financial statements with our clients each quarter and conduct mid-year and fourth-quarter tax planning to help minimize, reduce, or eliminate taxes. This and our other services are all part of being a strategic business partner with our clients instead of just their accountant.

Modern Day Accounting

Even though Hallows & Company was founded in 1981, we aren’t stuck in the 80’s.  We use the best technology available for the benefit of our clients and to make communicating for them a convenience instead of a nuisance.

Easy File Access

We utilize myHALLpass that allows our clients to always have access to information such as prior year tax returns and financial statements through any desktop or mobile device.

Client Connection

Our approach to being a strategic business partner has brought us to the point we are now working with people and businesses from New York to California.

Traditional Accountant

Tax Reporting

An accountant does your taxes…

Client Support

An accountant gives you paper…


An accountant gives you the time you paid for…


An accountant doesn’t help you plan for and set up your retirement…

Tax Reporting

We work with you to understand your situation and reduce your taxes.

Client Support

We give you advice.


We give you the time you need.


We understand our clients financial situation and have spent 30 years building retirement plans.