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Legal advice anytime you need it

Access to big business resources, on small business budgets

Our goal is simple, it is to help your growing business with legal needs you may have while taking the time to educate you along the way and allowing you to focus on what you do best. Whether you are starting a small business or have a long-standing business that is going the changes, we will be there to answer your questions. The legal and accounting worlds overlap on a regular basis. By providing in-house counsel to our clients we have essentially provided them with their own “board of directors”. A small business could never hire their own business legal advisor or attorney, CPA, accounting staff, CFO, etc. By utilizing Hallows & Co. we give them access to all these big business resources, on small business budgets.

Small Business Legal Services

Have you ever had a legal question but didn't think it was worth paying hundreds of dollars to contact an attorney to get an answer?  We realize business owners continually deal with this struggle. Which is why our business legal services can be added to any of our monthly service packages and tailored to your company's needs. This allows you to contact our business law firm anytime with questions or concerns without the expensive hourly fee. If you don’t need legal services on a regular basis, you are welcome to utilize a legal service on a project basis.

Business Legal Services may include:



Employment Law, Worker Compensation, FLSA EEOC, Corporate Maintenance


Entity Structure

Business Entity Optimization, Asset Protection


Estate Planning

Revocable Trusts, Wills, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive (Living Will)


Commercial Contracts

Lease Agreements, Sales or Purchase Contract of a Business, Contract Enforcement

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Our business legal advisors are passionate about simplifying the process of getting your legal needs resolved. Whether you have questions regarding an employment issue or just need a contract reviewed, we make sure your business is protected. Contact us today to set up a free consultation to review your legal needs.