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Take a proactive approach and crush your taxes!

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For most people the word “Tax” creates the feeling of frustration and human nature wants to delay or push frustration off to a later date.  When it comes to tax, whether we like it or not, it’s something we all have to face every year (even though at times it feels like we are completing tax returns far more often than that).  Our approach is that if something like this is inevitable, why not take a proactive approach and crush it.  For those of you who have had kids, you can relate to this.  How many times as a parent have we asked our kids why they would put their dirty clothes on the floor right in front of the hamper?  It’s inevitable, at some point those clothes have to get into the hamper, so why not now?  Why not save yourself the extra work of having to pick those clothes up again just to perform the inevitable?  Why—because it’s human nature and we have all been there.  But when you have help getting to the point of facing the inevitable head on, then it becomes doable and we can help you crush it!

You are probably familiar with the feeling of dreading the end of the year because you know it means at some point you are going to have to take weeks assembling all your paperwork to prepare for taxes.  You have to sort through bank statements, try to make sense of your QuickBooks or bookkeeping, fumble through credit card statements, play phone tag with your CPA, and once again go through the dreaded pre-tax ritual.  Your traditional CPA would have you believe that it’s all just a necessary part of the process—did we mentioned that we aren’t a traditional tax preparation service?  This does not have to be part of the process, there is a better way and our client’s know that.

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Most people will see or visit with their tax accountant and/or CPA once each year when “tax time” roles around.  The problem with that is decisions are made throughout the year that cannot be changed at the time of preparing a tax return.  Many people make tax decisions hoping that it will work out, they make decisions based on what they found on Google, they don’t contact their accountant or CPA because they are concerned about what the advice will cost them, or they may not consider the tax effect at all because they have never had an accessible resource available.  We encourage something entirely different.

Let’s take the proactive approach to tax.  We encourage our clients to call us as often as is necessary.  Call us before you make a decision and let’s talk about it, let’s discuss your options and the tax consequences of those options.  It’s much easier to make the correct decision based on good tax advice as opposed to attempting to fix a bad decision, many of which cannot be reversed.  However, in order to successfully make this approach work your CPA or accountant has to be accessible, responsive and it can’t cost an arm and a leg for the advice.  You will be glad to know that at the top of our priority list is communication.  And as for the cost of that communication throughout the year…we won’t take your arm or your leg because it costs nothing.  If you are a client there is no charge for those advisory sessions.  Not sure if we mentioned this or not, but we are different.

And to demonstrate the extreme example of this, our clients friends, family, neighbors, associates, dogs (well, maybe not dogs) who aren’t even clients will call us on occasion. We know because our clients tell us this, but the conversation goes such that their friend can’t get a hold of their tax preparer so our client says, call my CPA, they will answer.  Sure enough, we spend time answering the questions of someone who isn’t even our client.  Not sure if we mentioned this or not, but we are different.

Don’t get beat up by tax, you do the beating.  Waiting to address tax issues until the time of tax preparation is like being an ultimate fighter standing up, hands down, waiting to get punched in the face before doing anything about it.  Tax is inevitable, go on offense with an expert by your side and at your disposal.  We understand that tax isn’t your expertise so going on offense alone is far too daunting of a task.  We are experts and we are on your side.  The best approach to beating tax and coming out ahead is being proactive in your approach and we have the solution for you.

Not sure if we mentioned this or not, but we are different than other tax preparation services. Contact us today!