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Bookkeeping Services to Help Your Small Business


Are you determining if your business is profitable simply by what’s in your bank account? Tired of making business decisions based on how you “feel” your business is doing? Do you dream of making decisions based on accurate, timely, and applicable financial information? Is your accounting and bookkeeping information far from where you know it should be? Business owners all too often know they should be basing business decisions on sound information but don’t know how to get the information out of their current bookkeeping & accounting processes. In many instances the owner may need a trained eye to coach them through the information and help educate them as to what key performance indicators they should be paying close attention to.

We at Hallows & Co. provide you with all of your back office bookkeeping services, accounting functions & processes, real time consulting and planning needs. You as the business owner will no longer have to navigate alone the complex financial world of running your own company. This is NOT an outsourced bookkeeping service that performs your data entry via low paid labor from out of country. This is a team of professionals that are now part of your resources. Finally giving you access to all the resources of big business, at small business budgets. Regular consulting and planning meetings with your team will be implemented to help keep you on track and running smooth.

Often times as a business grows, there becomes a great need for financing. The owner is normally required to provide recent financial statements & tax returns. Typically this becomes a pain point for the owner due to the lack of timely and accurate bookkeeping along with a lack of a wholistic approach on the part of the tax preparers side. Simply put, the financials DON’T MATCH the tax return. From a lending institutions standpoint, this is big red flag! Most often, this will completely stop the process dead in its tracks. The owner will spend days, possibly weeks, scrambling to get the information needed in order to get the funding to expand the business operation, mean-while losing valuable time that could have been spent focusing on the business. Our St. George bookkeeping service clients have a completely different experience. Simply let your team know what lending institution you are working with and we will work directly with that institution to get them what they need. We speak the same language and won’t require the owner to be the go between. We will often provide the needed information to the requesting party within a couple business days and many times within a few hours. By allowing us to do what we do best on your behalf, will allow you to do what you do best!

We are excited to also announce the opening of our newest location in Saint George, Utah. Whether you are operating in St. George or “Timbucktoo” we have the resources and technology to help. Southern Utah has a strong economy of growing businesses that we are excited to help provided resources to and watch their business thrive. Contact us to get started outsourcing bookkeeping services.